Supreme Amaranths

Supreme Grand Court of the Royal
and Exalted Degree of the Amaranth Officers

2006-2008 Bi-Annual Session

Supreme Grand Royal Matron - H.L. Minnie Cambridge,NY
Supreme Grand Royal Patron - S.K. Anthony Williams, NJ
Supreme Asso. Grand Royal Matron - H.L. Mary Thomas, IL
Supreme Grand Asso. Royal Patron - S.K. Michael Talley, TN
Supreme Honored Grand Financial Secretary - H.L. Lillian Todd, NY
Supreme Honored Grand Recording Secretary - H.L. Sylvia T. Talley, TN
Supreme Honored Grand Treasurer - H.L. Irene J. Elliott, TN
Supreme Honored Grand Conductress - H.L. Clearese Young, CA
Supreme Honored Grand Asso. Conductress - H.L. Helen Thompson, NY

Supreme Grand Court of Amaranth Board of Directors

H.L. Eunice Cox, TN
H.L. Annette Lindsey, AR
H.L. Virginia Mitchell, IL
H.L. Pearline Jenkins, CA

Supreme Honored Grand Chaplain - H.L. Pauline Jackson, England
Supreme Honored Lady FAITH - H.L. Lena Lawson, NY
Supreme Honored Lady TRUTH - H.L. Recola Banks, CA
Supreme Honored Lady WISDOM - H.L. Dorothy Kizer, CA
Supreme Honored Lady CHARITY - H.L. Jeanette Norman, MI
Supreme Honored Grand Herald - H.L. Mary Smith, AR
Supreme Honored Grand Marshall in the EAST - H.L. Valerie Tate,IN
Supreme Honored Grand Marshall in the WEST - H.L. Naomi Franklin, AR
Supreme Honored Grand Warder - H.L. Janice Turner, OH