The Supreme Grand Chapter Heroines of Jericho

Supreme Grand Officers 2004 - 2006

Supreme Grand Most Ancient Matron-Worthy Heroine Carolyn Locket

Supreme Grand Vice Most Ancient Matron-WH Eloise Cain, New York

Supreme Grand Financial Secretary - WH Louise Turner, Michigan

Supreme Grand Treasurer - WH Jean Jiles, New York

Supreme Senior Attendant - WH Dolores Bellamy, Tennessee

Supreme Grand Junior Attendant - WH Annette Lindsay, Arkansas

Supreme Grand Chaplain - WH Juanita Copes, New York

Appointed Officers

Supreme Grand Recorder - WH Arlene B. Punett, New York

Supreme Grand Ark Bearers

WH Gloria Harvey, New York

WH Peggy Arbuckle, New Jersey

WH Betty Babtiste, California

WH Joann Welch, Michigan

Supreme Grand Standard Bearers

WH Christine Wynne, Arkansas

WH Mary Fuller, Michigan

Supreme Grand Organist - WH Hilda Smith, Michigan

Supreme Grand Inner Gate Keeper - WH Ursula Lewis, England

Supreme Grand Outer Gate Keeper - WH Eunice Cox, Tennessee

Supreme Court Directors

WH Annie Bird, Ohio

WH Deborah Waters, Illinois

WH Bertha Lobdell, Indiana

Supreme Deputies

WH Ollie Mims, Pennsylvania

WH Irene Elliott, Tennessee

WH Naomi Franklin, Arkansas

WH Janice Turner, Ohio

WH Veronica Whitehead, England

The Board of Directors

WH Alice Cooper, California

WH Martha Henderson, Illinois

WH Lula Sheppard, Michigan

WH Sharon Brunfeld, Arkansas

WH Helen Thompson, New York

WH Sylvia Talley, Tennessee

WH Olna Manyan, England

WH Dorothy Manuel, New Jersey

WH Fannie Robinson, Ohio