Supreme Grand Chapter OES

Supreme Grand Matron
Worthy Ula M. Yeargin

The Supreme Grand Chapter, Order of Eastern Stars of the United States of America & its territories and Canada was originally organized in 1822 and then reestablished in August 1847 working under the General Grand Masonic Congress.   We have completed 182 registered years of existence.   Many of the jurisdictions on the original documentation registered in Washington, D.C. have maintained their membership within this supreme.

We the members must be related to a master mason and it is our intent to promote charity, goodwill and create a social enjoyable atmosphere for our membership.  Since our humble beginning this organization have strived to generously support the advancement of higher education (the Leola Felton Scholarship Grant); protect, assist and aid travelers; maintain honorable morality and extend true friendship wherever we assemble.

Biennially we donate to the America Cancer Society whenever our Supreme Session is held.
Some of our Supreme Grand Matron Emeritus are:

Sister N.J. Cuney, Mississippi
Sister Arthenia Whitaker, New York
Sister Lillian Huffman Rodgers, New York
Sister Leola Felton, Michigan
Sister Ora M. White, California

We have held our Biennial Supreme Grand Sessions coast to coast and from North to South missing very few states in between.   We have gone from meeting in high school classrooms to 5-(star) hotels; from one scholarship award to whatever number requested; we are “making a Difference” in the lives of our young people and our communities.