Supreme Royal Lady Palace

In 1952 the United Supreme Council, met in New Orleans, LA.   The date was August of 1952! Our meetings were held within a local Church.

In 1952 Ill. James McDonald appointed a group of ladies to serve within a new group that he was organizing.   The group was called Royal Ladies.  The Sister, that he appointed D.T. Cuney, of Mississippi; D.T. Whitaker, Brooklyn, NY; D.T. Lillian Rodger, Brooklyn, NY; D.T. Sophia Griffin, Saginaw, MI; D.T.. Annie Beck, Detroit, Mi. and D.T.. Octavia Hicks, Detroit, Mi.

However, when we attended the Supreme in Brooklyn, NY, a meeting in their newly acquired building we had a large initiation, from Flint, Mi.;Carrie Loveless; Eleanor Buchanan; Cordelia Hard; Ethel Mustin; Willie Meeks; and Bessie J. Merrimon. From Detroit, Nancy Sterling; Gertrude Bullock; Mozella Richardson; and Eva Gilmore. From Illinois, Geneva Cook; Mckinney; and Ressie Harper.

Our first Supreme Royal Queen of Sheba was R.L. Cuney of Mississippi. Our second S.R.Q. of Sheba was R.L. Lillian Rodger from N.Y. The third was R.L. Mozella Richardson from Detroit, Mi. The Fourth was R.L. Sylivia Sturrp and she served twenty years. R.L. Bessie J. Merrimon was fifth she served for twelve years(1990-2002) R.L. Rosette Brooks is the sixth (2002- Present)

Seven Palaces

London, England- Zenobia
Chicago, Illinois-Ada
New York-Fredricka
Memphis, Tennesse-Tapatha
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Leah
Detroit, Michigan-Sheba